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Broadcast – System Integration

Pranav offers Broadcast integration along with TSL of UK. TSL works internationally as a broadcast systems integrator and enjoys strong relationships, with the leading third party manufacturers and suppliers of broadcast technology. Pranav represents TSL in India for systems integration, design & implementation to devise end to end solutions for all our customers in the broadcast segment.

TSL’s systems integration approach is built on the knowledge that genuinely independent thinking, supported by unrivalled engineering experience, is vital when planning any effective investment in new technology. TSL is regularly consulted on improvements in technology and workflow for all aspects of programme making and trans-mission and to confirm a competitive realistic budget and timescale to improve facilities.

Few customers have the opportunity to accumulate the comprehensive “in house” hands-on experience that is needed to be able to undertake the safe and efficient planning of a large new broadcast project for themselves. In other circumstances, the continuous migration of broadcast and media technology “in house” may lead to an impaired perspective. This is where a genuine outside view can help.

The TSL project teams regularly plan and deliver complex assignments of all sizes. Ongoing support from an established, objective and trusted partner like TSL will continue to provide long-term value.

System Integration Services

Audio Systems
Complete detailed Audio system planning and installation information. The audio system can be multi-level, and either a point-to-point system or one using the techniques of central distribution frames. Including:

  • Schematics
  • Time code distribution
  • Equipment layouts
  • Level monitoring
  • Jackfield layouts
  • Stereo phase monitoring
  • Cable schedules
  • Building Design Liaison

    Liaison with architects and builders to provide the correct building in which to install broadcast system is a key service provided by TSL. Too often building design is finished before the TV design is started. This can lead to higher installation and running costs and an unsatisfactory overall facility.

    Cable Schedules

    TSL have developed a computer based cable schedule database system. This database provides the installation team with the information they need, and provides the customer with details of all cables in the installation or future use.


    On completion of the installation, the system will be commissioned and checked out both for technical performance and operational requirements. On completion f the commissioning the customers’ operators will be able to operate the system.


    TSL provide consultancy services so that clients can identify their current and future requirements. Consultancy can assist in detailing the technical and financial scope of potential Projects.

    Equipment Acceptance Tests

    Every installation includes various major items of equipment. TSL provides the service of carrying out independent testing of the equipment at either the customers ’ or the manufacturers’ premises, and then providing the customer with a detailed report on the outcome of the tests.

    Drawings and CAD

    All drawings used by TSL are produced using the latest computer aided design CAD) techniques.This system produces high quality prints and allows update and modification of large numbers of drawings simultaneously. Drawings up o A1 size and 8 colours can be produced in-house.

    Furniture Design and Manufacture

    The overall efficiency and durability of any installation is often determined by the design and the quality of manufacture of control desks and monitor stacks. TSL is able to produce designs to enhance the appearance of control rooms and still provide the required ease of operation.

    Installation Technicians

    In addition to engineers TSL can provide the necessary installation technicians to ensure hat the project is installed and commissioned to the required high standard. TSL will manage and coor-dinate any manufacturer specialists who may be required during particular phases of a project.

    IT and Data Networks

    All broadcast projects now involve data networks and broadcast IT facilities. TSL specialises in combining broadcast and IT technology to offer innovative solutions.

    Installation Wiremen

    TSL have a team of wiremen who are very experienced in broadcast installations. Good installa-tion wiring makes all the difference of the way an installation looks and works. A well managed installation allows reliable system expansion and maintenance throughout the system lifecycle.

    Video Systems

    Complete detailed video planning of both analogue and digital systems, from the initial concept to the preparation of full installation information which include:

  • Video schematics
  • Equipment layouts
  • Patch panel layouts
  • Cable schedules
  • System timing and equalisation
  • Operational monitoring
  • Pulse distribution and equipment reference signal requirements
  • Test signal distribution