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Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage creates, manages, and distributes electronic content to networks of digital displays that are centrally managed and addressable for targeted information, entertainment, merchandising, and advertising. Alternatively known as dynamic signage, electronic signage or narrowcasting, networks of digital signs can been deployed across numerous retail chains, banks, travel hubs and corporate headquarters to deliver informative and entertaining content to captive audiences and passers by.

Digital signage is ideally suited for:

  • Retail in-store Display networks (Advertising or Brand re-enforcement)
  • Entertainment Networks (Cruise ships, Casinos, Theme parks, Sport venues, etc.)
  • Transportation Networks (Airports, Trains, Buses, etc)
  • Hospitality and Convention Centres (Information channels, signage, etc)
  • Education Multimedia Networks
  • Corporate Communications Networks
  • Government Communications (e.g: Emergency response, Health Education, etc)
  • Digital Billboards
  • Cable TV Channels (e.g: community access and/or local advertising channels)
  • Point-of-Sale interactive multimedia kiosks
  • Can Pranav Solutions help you?

    Pranav Solutions integrates digital signage software, hardware, and technology so that our customers get the most innovative, cutting-edge technology resulting in the best possible digital signage network. Pranav Solutions is able to assist clients in every phase of the deployment, operation and content creation management of their digital signage networks.

    Benefits of Dynamic Digital Signage (DDS)

    Digital Signage messaging is dynamic, possessing the capability to display complex graphics and videos, resulting in attention garnering messages. With the implementation of a DDS, companies can create content that is targeted at the specific demographic of the audience shopping in the store, frequenting the restaurant or lining up at the bank.

    Dynamic Digital Signage can enhance customer service and improve store personnel productivity. Digital signage assists customers in locating the merchandise they are looking for in the store, and can provide in-depth information and product demonstrations to aid in the purchase decision.

    DDS is used to educate customers while waiting in the line about products and services to reduce time spent with a retail associate at the counter, thus improving its employee productivity.

    Find out how Pranav Solutions can help you set up your own Dynamic Digital Signage System. Please call now on +91 9958788116 or +91 120 2659894 or send us a mail on and we will be glad to fix an appointment with you.

    Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

    Most companies face a similar challenge when trying to disseminate information to employees: getting the right information to the right people at the right time. In a normal deluge of emails, critical messages can easily go unnoticed. Printed materials are expensive, slow to deploy, and can't convey enough importance, immediacy or personalization. Many Companies have now realized that technology now offers a flexible and dynamic new way to communicate with their staff and visitors through the development of their own narrowcast TV channel.

    Many companies face additional challenges of having multiple buildings and campuses, in addition to large numbers of employees without email or internet access. It can be difficult to get out a consistent, focused message to employees in different locations or on different shifts. Corporate digital signage allows companies to deliver the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time.

    Pranav Digital Signage for corporations transforms companies into flourishing news reporting, broadcasting and viewing organizations. Employees are able to create engaging corporate digital signage content right from their desktops. Then those messages can be broadcast via the company's communication network to strategic locations using the most powerful form of media delivery - digital signage.

    A corporation with national headquarters and several remote manufacturing facilities wants to provide employees with up-to-the-minute industry news, information on upcoming holidays and company-sponsored events, as well as a weekly address from the CEO. Using a centrally managed digital signage architecture, a network administrator at the home office can schedule each of these items ahead of time, and provide customized schedules for each facility.

    The Benefits?

  • A corporate identity
  • Complete control on what’s broadcast & viewed by your visitors & employees.
  • Completely flexible design, unlimited content depth.
  • Easily updated, locally or centrally – change all the screens instantly, in groups or individually.
  • Integrate with your existing product, service or internal management databases
  • Retail Digital Signage Solutions

    Retail Digital Signage eliminates the time-lag between consumer exposure to a message and the place of purchase. Digital signage marketing enabled technology possesses the ability to directly correlate the message to its sales impact. The dynamic nature of digital signage marketing networks enhances its ability to make timely changes of messages in response to changing consumer and environmental factors.

    Retail digital signage networks, can be centrally monitored by ensuring that system-wide, brand-compliant messages are deployed. Retail digital signage marketing can enhance customer service and improve store personnel productivity. Digital signage assists customers in locating the merchandise they are looking for in the store, and can provide in-depth information and product demonstrations to aid in the purchase decision.

    Some of the benefits of a Retail (In-Store) Digital signage system:

  • Speeds up time to broadcast new marketing ideas and campaigns
  • Create/author multi-media content (incorporating your existing media assets where required)
  • Schedule Playback of content (day parting, demographically targeted groups, any date/time, etc.)
  • Distribute content to multiple locations nationwide or around the world
  • Control of Playback (including local insertion of real-time content at point of playback)
  • Cross sell the customer while they are visiting the branch
  • Decrease customer complaints regarding transaction wait times
  • Decrease printing costs of branch signage and rate fliers
  • Pranav Digital Signage gives stores the edge they are looking for over the competition, helping to increase revenue while keeping costs under control. Retail digital signage is ideal for Point-of-Sale, In-store TV, Restaurants & Food courts, Grocery Stores and Shopping Mall applications. Pranav Solutions provides a complete end-to-end retail digital signage platform for retail applications from content creation to delivery, for retailers with One store or Hundreds of stores.

    Installation Technicians

    In addition to engineers TSL can provide the necessary installation technicians to ensure hat the project is installed and commissioned to the required high standard. TSL will manage and coor-dinate any manufacturer specialists who may be required during particular phases of a project.

    With Pranav Solutions digital signage for retail, you can deliver your focused message to your customers real-time. Retail digital signage allows you and your brand advertisers to increase revenue by delivering the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT time.